Larry Leinweber

Larry LeinweberLarry graduated from Michigan State University with a BS degree in physical sciences.  After college, Larry accepted a position at IBM in Detroit as a systems engineer.  Realizing that software had the potential to transform both business and society, he struck out on his own and founded his first software company at age 28.  Advanced Computer Management performed computer facilities management for businesses, and he led the company as President and chief software architect for over eight years.

Always forward-thinking and seeking to apply the transformative power of software to a sector benefiting the public good, he then went on to found New World Systems in 1981. New World Systems developed enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for city and county governments, with a primary focus on public safety software for 911 dispatch centers, law enforcement, fire departments, paramedics, and corrections officers. He led New World as President and CEO for over 30 years and grew the company to over 450 employees with more than 2,000 customers in 48 states. New World eventually merged with Tyler Technologies, the nation’s largest software company focused on providing public sector software and services.

After a successful career as a software entrepreneur, Larry founded the Leinweber Foundation in 2015. The Leinweber Foundation seeks to support programs and individuals that can transform and enhance our world.