The College’s Goal

Looking forward to the next decade, there are many questions. Our strategic plan strives to anticipate the global, technological and educational changes ahead, and position our institution to lead the evolution of 21st-century engineering research and education for the benefit of the common good.

Over the coming years, we will focus on three pillars of excellence – research, education, and culture – pushing ourselves to be innovative, daring, and forward-thinking in our service to society. Providing the foundation for these pillars will be our core values and the people and spaces that enable our work.  The Leadership Advisory Board has formed three subcommittees around the College’s pillars of excellence.  Below are the details surrounding the makeup of each LAB subcommittee:

Strategic Education Initiatives

The SEI supports the College’s Education strategic pillar. SEI provides guidance to the College on educating and developing modern engineers, who will combine excellent engineering fundamentals, appreciation for collaboration with other disciplines, and global, equity-centered perspective to lead in diverse, hybrid environments. Example: The Strategic Education Initiatives (SEI) subcommittee consulted on the 2019 launch of and continues to offer strategic direction for NEXUS, the College’s online and professional education unit.  

Committee Members:

Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI)

The SRI supports the College’s Research strategic pillar. SRI provides guidance to the College on “wicked problems” and emerging opportunities that demand leadership through collaborative and innovative research with awareness of the impact on people. Example: The Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) subcommittee provided input into the structure and process of the Blue Sky Initiative, including hearing and reviewing proposals. All four projects have “graduated” or are on a path to do so.

Committee Members:

Values & Culture (V&C)

The V&C supports the College’s Culture strategic pillar. V&C provides guidance to the College’s community of students, faculty, and staff based on our core values. Example: The Values & Culture (V&C) subcommittee helps the College navigate challenging policy issues around the implementation of our strategy to enhance DEI for faculty, staff, and students, improve the climate across our units, and help develop appropriate policies with efficient operations in the post-COVID workplace.

Committee Members: